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What Services Do MettaNurse Cover?

At MettaNurse, we prioritize ethical nurse sourcing, responsible partnerships, and sustainable healthcare development. Our comprehensive services cater to the needs of healthcare institutions and nurses from Bhutan and other Asian countries.


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Ethical Nurse Sourcing:

We specialise in the ethical and compassionate sourcing of nurses for the Nursing and caring sector. Our rigorous selection process ensures the acquisition of committed and dedicated nursing professionals.


Partnership Building

We strive to establish strong and ethical partnerships with prestigious hospitals and healthcare institutions in the UK and Asia. Through collaboration and trust-building, we ensure long-term sustainability and excellence in staffing solutions.


Collaborative Consultancy

Leveraging our background in the third sector, our international team acts as consultants and ambassadors within our communities across Asia. We invest in local communities, fostering trust and credibility throughout the process.


Candidate Screening and Filtering

Our comprehensive selection process includes using social media and targeted advertisements to identify exceptional nursing candidates. We meticulously screen and filter potential candidates to ensure their suitability for the desired roles.


Training and Criteria Guidance

We provide extensive support to candidates throughout the training and criteria process. From IELTS preparation to assisting with visa applications, we ensure candidates are well-prepared for their journey.


Personalised Candidate Support

As candidates progress through the application process, we offer personalised support to help them understand the value we bring and the assistance they can expect upon their arrival in the UK. We prioritise their needs and well-being throughout the entire journey.


Expertise in Ethical Overseas Recruitment

With roots in the communities, we are sourcing from and our collaborative approach with our clients, our business model is built on trust.

We also look to invest in those communities we source from building roles for local people


Choose MettaNurse for ethical nurse sourcing and collaborative consultancy. We are committed to providing exceptional nursing professionals and building strong partnerships with healthcare institutions. Experience the difference with our comprehensive range of services.